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Tosco Office National is an Australian wide business, with Hr and WHS Systems already developed by the head office for all the braches including ours. The issue we had, and the reason we engaged STAR Consultancy consultant Jamen Wilcox was to help us customise the existing HR and WHS systems to our way of doing things.

Jamen Wilcox has been working with us for over 2 years, initially conducting a review to determine exactly what we needed to do and since then, he has been assisting in the development of our policies and procedures and delivering training as needed.

The flexibility available by engaging Jamen Wilcox as a locum has allowed us to develop the systems at our own pace, fitting in around our busy times and undertaking extra work when it has been slow.

In the not too distant future, we are moving into a new office space and it is good to know that Jamen Wilcox will be there to assist in the re-development of the SWMS, policies and procedures that will be affected by the move. 

Tosco Office National Cairns would like to thank Jamen and STAR Consultancy for all its help of the last few years and we look forward to building on the work we have done in the years ahead.

6th February 2015


STAR Consultancy consultant Jamen Wilcox has worked with Apunipima Cape York Health Council (ACYHC) as a contract Work Health and Safety Consultant since November 2010. From a very small platform in the beginning supporting only 40 or so employees, Jamen told us what we needed, helped us develop it and then assisted in the implementation. As we grew, so did the Safety Management System with Jamen’s ongoing support.

Jamen’s contributions have been integral in the establishment of ACYHC Safety Management System and its accreditation under ISO9001 and we wouldn’t have achieved this and other outcomes without his help.

Jamen is able to integrate his practices seamlessly with the organisation and he has strong working relationships with all staff. We see Jamen as part of the business. He works with the staff to make sure they understand the changes and that they are a part of them.

Jamen continues to deliver training for ACYHC in Cairns and communities throughout the Cape, and provides advice to our now established Work Health and Safety team whenever required.

ACYHC would like to thank Jamen and STAR Consultancy for its continued service now and into the future.

6th February 2015

Yumba-Meta Housing Association had developed a range of WHS policies and procedures since its inception to adhere to the ever changing guidelines stipulated by our funding bodies and the requirements of our board. As Yumba- Meta is spread across a number of locations, we have also had to develop a number of variations to our policies and procedures to cover the different risks associated with the wide range of activities conducted across these sites.

This amount of polices had become difficult to manage and Yumba-Meta was looking for a solution to reduce the workload of our administrative team while ensuring management and the board had covered off on their obligations under the WHS Act.

To help us achieve this we engaged STAR Consultancy consultant Jamen Wilcox. We initially asked Jamen Wilcox to undertake a review of our organisation to assess our existing Safety Management System to determine if any efficiencies could be made and if there were any deficiencies. Jamen Wilcox then assisted in the selection and implementation of an internet based WHS Management System and on-going training for all our staff.

STAR Consultancy and Jamen Wilcox has been an invaluable part of Yumba-Meta Housing Association Safety Management System development and we would like to thank him for his on-going commitment and assistance.     

6th February 2015