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STAR Consultancy has a thorough working knowledge of the legislative frameworks in operation in different States.  It will handle WorkCover claims in an efficient and effective way, as well as provide clients with full case management.  It will conduct policy review in a timely and cost-effective manner, ensuring that costs of premiums are calculated accurately.  STAR Consultancy draws from its partnerships with other professionals and agencies so that clients have access to the best advice and solution.

Received a claim?

Case Management

WorkCover claims can be a very expensive exercise for your business. Financially, they can cost a fortune through increases in WorkCover premiums and loss of productivity in the workplace. Administratively, they can tie down you and your staff for hours on end with the endless paperwork and meetings associated with the claim, not to mention attempting to decipher the doctor’s handwriting and medical jargon. Does it always seem WorkCover claims last forever? If properly managed, you can significantly reduce the timeframe of WorkCover claims and the associated costs. Through well-established case management principles, implementation of suitable duties and return to work programs, utilisation of host employers and available funded resources, STAR Consultancy can help you gain control of the management of the claim and reduce the costs to your business’s bottom line.

Are you paying too much?

Policy Review

The WorkCover premium you pay is based on a complicated calculation involving the wages you pay, your claims experience, the industry average and projections of future potential claims. Slight variances in these figures can make a large impact on your overall premium. So how certain are you that all these components are correct? Are you declaring the right amount of wages, is your industry rate correct, have your claims been adjusted accordingly? STAR Consultancy can review your WorkCover policy to ensure you aren’t paying more than you have too.

A Quick Question?

General Enquires

If you have any general enquiries about any WorkCover matters, you can of course, ring WorkCover Queensland or Q-Comp directly. If however, your enquiry is in regards WorkCover or you want to keep the matter in-house then a STAR Consultancy consultant will be happy to discuss your concerns face to face or over the phone. Please visit our Contacts page to obtain the details of the method you prefer.

Need more help?

Specialist Businesses

STAR Consultancy also works with a range of professional consultants and businesses who manage WorkCover claims on a daily basis, ensuring you will always get the best possible advice and the best possible solution.