Delivering practical, customised safety solutions that empower our clients to manage their safety obligations in-house.


The provision of appropriate training for their workforce is one of the primary duties of an Employer or Person in Control of a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) under the Work Health and Safety Act, but more than that, it can be an investment into your businesses future growth and a safeguard against the rising costs of workers compensation and litigation.

While there are a myriad of courses available in the marketplace offering generalized training, these can often become one sided or not cover the specific requirements of your business. STAR Consultancy can offer a range of workshops and training courses customized to suit your businesses individual needs.

Below is a selection of courses currently being delivered by STAR Consultancy that can be customized to be delivered in-house, off-site or where appropriate on-line. 

The Basics

There are 4 core safety courses that STAR Consultancy would recommend to meet your legislative obligations. These are Safety Essentials, MoveSafe, Starting Safely and Emergency Response.

Safety for beginners

Safety Essentials

STAR Consultancy’s Safety Essentials course gives participants a brief overview of everything they need to know about safety in the workplace. Including information on WHS Legislation and managing the risks in your workplace, this course gives your employees the base knowledge required to operate safely in the workplace.

The heavy moving


Manual handling is the leading cause of injuries in the workplace, and it isn’t always due to heavy lifting. Through active participation, MoveSafe teaches participants the basic principles of moving safely and how to apply them to their work environment. An investment in a MoveSafe course will help protect your business from future injuries and workers compensation claims.

Starting Safely

Safety Induction

Under the Work Health and Safety Act all employees should undertake a workplace induction at the commencement of their employment. STAR Consultancy will customize a Starting Safely course based on your businesses requirements that can be completed face-to-face, as a workshop or as an on-line module.

Stop Drop and Roll.

Emergency Response

Regular training in emergency procedures is the most effective method of ensuring your staff will respond appropriately in an emergency situation. Fire Evacuation and Use of Firefighting Equipment training is a legislative requirement, however there are a number of other emergency situations which can occur in a business that should be addressed. STAR Consultancy’s Emergency Response training will instruct your staff on the appropriate response to a range of emergency situations based on legislative requirements and your businesses policies and procedures.

Specialist Training

STAR Consultancy also offers a range of courses which entail a more detailed exploration of key work health and safety topics. These are Safety Leadership, Risk Management, Bullying and Harassment, Workplace Rehabilitation, Change Management and Cultural Awareness.

Safety from the top

Safety Leadership

An extension on Safety Essentials, the Safety Leadership course discusses in more depth the key work health and safety concepts and how they are applied to the workplace. Participants will take part in detailed workplace based scenarios to discuss each stakeholder’s WHS obligations. This course is designed for those in management positions but is relevant for all staff.

Are you at Risk?

Risk in the Workplace

Risk Management is the central ideology behind the Work Health and Safety Act and as such is the principle component for PCBU’s, Officers and workers in meeting their legislative obligations.  Risk in the Workplace focuses on the risk management process and gives participants a range of tools to identify, assess, control and review risks in the workplace. Using examples from your work environment, participants will leave the course armed with the knowledge necessary to make their workplaces a safer place to work.

Stop the rot

Bullying and Harassment

A major issue facing many workplaces today is bullying and harassment and the subsequent problems that arise in the workplace. Loss of productivity, complex HR cases, psychological and physical trauma and lengthy workers compensation claims are common side effects from on-going bullying and harassment in the workplace. Bullying and Harassment training will provide a safer environment for all your staff.

Reduce your WorkCover

Workplace Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators are no longer a requirement under the Workers Rehabilitation Act, however the management of workers compensation claims remains and important area for any employer trying to reduce their WorkCover premiums. The Workplace Rehabilitation training provides participants the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully manage a WorkCover claim.

Don’t fear change

Change Management

The introduction of any new process into a work environment can be a complicated and difficult process. The implementation of a Safety Management System, which effects every aspect of a workplace can become a lengthy and costly exercise if not handled correctly. Change Management training assist workplaces through such transitions by empowering the participants to become part of the process and therefore key to the solution. Designed for senior management, the Change Management course gives your senior staff the tools to manage themselves and their cohorts through any new change in the workplace.

You don’t know what you don’t know

Cultural Awareness

Focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, STAR Consultancy’s Cultural Awareness workshops cover the rich history of the traditional owners of our land through to the contemporary issues that they face today. We explore effective methods of communication, strategies to build sustainable working relationships and insights and personal experiences from our trainers and their families. This course will provide staff members who work with indigenous people and/or in indigenous communities the tools needed to be effective and culturally competent.

Accredited Training

Save a life

First Aid and CPR

In partnership with Taylormade First Aid Solutions (Redrock Enterprises Pty Ltd RTO 31326), STAR Consultancy can offer accredited in-house First Aid and CPR courses of various complexity depending on your businesses requirements. Courses will include practical training exercises with scenarios based on your workplace and possible medical emergencies. Upon completion successful participants will receive a First Aid or CPR qualification.

If any of these courses are of interest to you and your business or you would like to discuss your training requirements further, please do not hesitate to contact STAR Consultancy.