Delivering practical, customised safety solutions that empower our clients to manage their safety obligations in-house.

Safety Management Systems

STAR Consultancy can develop an all-inclusive Safety Management System tailored to your specific context and industry. It will contain all the necessary policies, procedures, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and how they will be maintained. This is a vital step in meeting your legislative requirements under the Work Health and Safety Act.

Steps in the design process include:

  1. Consultation with the client to determine what is needed under the Act and what is needed to address relevant issues in light of an up-to-date risk assessment
  2. An audit process available in three options i.e. Comprehensive, Standard and Desktop
  3. Development of a Safety Plan together with key documents, policies, registers and systems
  4. Provision of customised training programs
  5. A flexible and responsive implementation phase with ongoing adjustment, refinement and improvements
  6. Review phase ensuring that ongoing compliance is maintained with workplace legislation and accreditation in AS4801 or ISO9001 if required

Safety Management System Implementation

Where to start?

The Safety Management System is an integral part to meeting the legislative requirements outlined in the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011. It provides the foundation to your business’s strategy and the processes involved in managing the risks associated with your business and therefore the safety of your employees. It should contain all the policies, procedures and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) required to run your business and a clear process on how you intend to maintain it.

Is your system in place?

Organisations have recognised this requirement and flooded the marketplace with hundreds of ‘ready-made’ safety management systems, manuals and templates for purchase which claim to meet your business’s legislative requirements.  These systems can range in price from $500 to $5,000 and whilst they, depending on their content and quality, maybe an excellent place to start, they are in no way a ready-made safety solution for your business.

How can we help?

STAR Consultancy provides a range of safety services for clients throughout Australia. We strive to deliver practical, customised safety solutions that empower our clients to manage their safety obligations in-house. Whilst we have developed numerous policies, procedures and SWMS for our clients over the years, we are not focused on selling you a product; rather we are interested in providing you with a solution. STAR Consultancy will work with your business to develop and implement a customised Safety Management System that reduces downtime and unnecessary costs whilst meeting your legislative requirements.  

What is the process?

1. Consultation

The first step towards the implementation of a successful Safety Management System is to determine what you as a client want, and what your business as an organisation needs under the Workplace Health and Safety Act. This could be influenced by your competitors, your customers’ requirements, recent incidents in your industry or changes as stipulated by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. You may want, or be required to, meet a certain standard such as AS4801 or ISO9001 or you may simply be interested in ensuring the safety of your employees and do not know where to start.

Let’s not go overboard!

The most important thing to remember when determining your requirements for your Safety Management System, is the Workplace Health and Safety Act’s fundamental principle, risk management. The activities you undertake in the business should be the main drivers of the requirements of your Safety Management System. If you partake in high risk activities, or activities which are likely to cause injury, then your system needs to be more robust in nature. If however the greatest threat of injury to your employees comes in the form of a paper cut, you may require a less robust system.

What will it cost me?

The most frequently asked questions when it comes to the development and implementation of a Safety Management System is how long it will take and how much it will cost. Both questions are hard to answer initially and depend heavily on you and your employees’ involvement in the process. Depending on your budget, STAR Consultancy can tailor the development, implementation and review of your Safety Management System to have as much or as little involvement as required. A fully customised solution also means STAR Consultancy can move at your pace and ensure the development process works around your business needs. This reduces downtime and other associated costs that can come with change within the workplace. The most effective way to ensure cost efficiency, however, is to establish a baseline for your business and utilise as much of the existing framework and processes in place so you are not paying to ‘reinvent the wheel’. 

Where are you at?

2. Audit

A thorough audit is essential in developing an efficient and effective Safety Management System for your business. By conducting an audit, STAR Consultancy can assess your current Safety Management System, the capacity of your staff and internal resources and highlight the discrepancies between what you have and what was determined you wanted in the previous stage. There are varying levels of audit STAR Consultancy can conduct depending on the size and complexity, the associated hazards and the finances of your business. 

The Rolls Royce.

a) Comprehensive Audit

The Comprehensive Audit is the most wide-ranging of the reviews offered by STAR Consultancy. It will provide a detailed picture of your business and existing safety measures in place. It will also outline a clear, step-by-step process to get you from where you are now to your desired outcome, whether that be legislative compliance or ISO9001. During this audit, STAR Consultancy will;

  • Conduct staff interviews to establish their:
    • Knowledge of policies and procedures within the workplace
    • Attitude towards safety in general
    • Perception of the business’s attitude towards safety and its workforce
    • Awareness of the current legislation and their obligations
    • Ability to identify key personnel within the business and the Workplace Health and Safety Framework
  • Assess organisational processes including:
    • Established consultation processes
    • Incident reporting and investigations
    • Safety meetings and/or committee
    • Administrative and operational forms and policies 
    • Emergency policies and procedures
  • Fleet and plant
    • Document what plant is present
    • Determine if plant is suitable and the best fit
    • Ensure plant has been installed and fitted correctly
    • Pre-start and shut down procedures
  • Work Processes
    • Safe Work Method Statements or similar
    • Actual work practices
    • Use and maintenance of PPE
    • Regulations and legislative guidelines

Timeframe: Assessed onsite      

Costing: Assessed onsite

The Basics.

b)  Standard Audit

The Standard Audit assesses your business against the Australian Standard 4801. Through an inspection of your premises, work practices and selected documents, STAR Consultancy will give you a snapshot of your business’s performance and a clear action plan for your business to reach the AS4801 guidelines.  

  • Walk through of your business premises
  • Selected document review
  • Detailed report and action plan in line with AS4801

Timeframe: 1 day on site, 7 days off site 

Costing: $2,640.00

An Overview.

c) Desktop

A Desktop Review, like the Standard Audit, uses the AS4801 template to assess your business’s current safety performance. A Desktop Review relies heavily upon your key safety personnel providing the information required to complete the review and allow STAR Consultancy to deliver a relevant assessment. 

  • Discussions with key personnel
  • Report outlining key safety requirements

Timeframe: 4 hours on site, 3 days off site

Costing: $1,320.00

The Hard Yakka.

3. Development

Once we have identified your business requirements, STAR Consultancy can assist in the development of key documents, registers and systems. These documents and registers will provide the backbone to your Safety Management System and should reflect what you currently do as a business. Over the years, STAR Consultancy has developed hundreds of customised policies and procedures and will draw on these resources and experience to create a customised set of documents for your business. If you already have a suite of policies, we can also review and amend these to more closely reflect your existing business practices and current legislation. Concentrate on your business and let STAR Consultancy look after your safety.

Back to School.

4. Training

The provision of appropriate training for their workforce is one of the primary duties of an Employer or Person in Control of a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) under the Workplace Health and Safety Act, but more than that, it can be an investment into your business’s future growth and a safeguard against the rising costs of workers’ compensation and litigation. Whilst there are a myriad of courses available in the marketplace offering generalised training, these can often become one-sided or not cover the specific requirements of your business. Having identified your businesses training needs in previous stages, STAR Consultancy will develop focused, tailor made courses for your business and deliver them in the most cost effective and efficient way for work practices.

Time to Roll Out.

5. Implementation

Now that the required policy and procedures have been completed, your staff have been trained and the required registers and schedules are in place, it is time to implement the completed Safety Management System. Successful implementation can only be achieved through careful consideration of the business’s needs, effective leadership and a clear and concise objective.  STAR Consultancy has successfully implemented numerous Safety Management Systems in a wide range of small, medium and large businesses. We can ensure a smooth, cost effective transition, on time and on budget.

Back to the Start!  

6. Review

An effective Safety Management System is never stagnant. It must continually evolve to adapt to an ever-changing workforce and marketplace. STAR Consultancy will work with you to ensure your Safety Management Systems remain relevant and up-to-date with the latest amendments to industry and workplace legislation. We can also assist in accreditation to AS4801 or ISO9001 should it be required.

And we are done.