Delivering practical, customised safety solutions that empower our clients to manage their safety obligations in-house.

Safety Consultancy

It is no longer a requirement under Work Health and Safety Legislation to have an accredited Work Health and Safety Officer or WHSO as they were more commonly known. This change however, does not remove your requirement to keep abreast of work health and safety legislation, issues in your workplace or an effective safety framework. When was the last time you conducted a workplace inspection, chaired your Work Health and Safety Committee, ran a fire drill or undertook an investigation into a workplace incident? Do you know the latest changes to the safety legislation in your industry? You need to, and STAR Consultancy can help.

In-house Help.


Engaging a STAR Consultancy Locum provides the client with a hands-on safety service relevant to their workplace.

The Locum service includes:

  • Organising and chairing the WHS committee
  • Conducting training courses
  • Conducting investigations
  • Developing policy and procedures
  • Audits and inspections
  • General advice
  • Regular visits to the workplace as arranged

Very often, safety requirements can be “out of sight, out of mind.” In the everyday hustle and bustle of a busy work environment, it can be difficult to keep the safety of our workplace at the forefront of our minds. Engaging STAR Consultancy as a Safety Locum, gives your workplace a hands on safety resource dedicated solely to ensuring the safety in your workplace. Your locum can organise and chair Safety Committee Meetings, hold training courses, conduct incident investigations, work on policy and procedures, undertake audits and inspections or just provide general advice to you and your workforce. Arrangements can be made for your Locum to attend the workplace as little or as often as you require and are flexible to meet your business’s needs.

Prevention is better than the Cure.


Depending on the size and associated risks of your business, a safety audit should be conducted every 1 to 3 years. The type or complexity of the audit required will also vary depending on your clients and business’s needs.  STAR Consultancy has a range of audits to suit your businesses requirement, timeframe and budget.

Three levels of service are available:

  • The Comprehensive option that provides a detailed picture of what is required
  • The Standard option that meets Australian Standard 4801
  • The Desktop that provides an overview

The Rolls Royce.

a) Comprehensive Audit

The Comprehensive Audit is the most wide-ranging of the reviews offered by STAR Consultancy. It will provide a detailed picture of your business and existing safety measures in place. It will also outline a clear, step-by-step process from where you are now to your desired outcome, whether that be legislative compliance or ISO9001. During this audit STAR Consultancy will;

  • Conduct staff interviews to establish their;
    • Knowledge of policies and procedures within the workplace
    • Attitude towards safety in general
    • Perception of the businesses attitude towards safety and their workforce
    • Awareness of the current legislation and their obligations
    • Ability to identify key personnel within the business and the Work Health and Safety Framework.
  • Assess organisational processes including;
    • Established consultation processes
    • Incident reporting and investigations
    • Safety meetings and/or committee
    • Administrative and Operational Forms and Policies 
    • Emergency policies and procedures
  • Fleet and plant
    • Document what plant is present
    • Determine if plant is suitable and best fit
    • Ensure plant has been installed and fitted correctly
    • Pre-start and shut down procedures
  • Work Processes
    • Safe Work Method Statements or similar
    • Actual work practices
    • Use and maintenance of PPE
    • Regulations and legislative guidelines

Timeframe: Assessed onsite      

Costing: Assessed onsite

The Basics.

b) Standard Audit

The Standard audit assesses your business against the Australian Standard 4801. Through an inspection of your premises, work practices and selected documents, STAR Consultancy will give you a snapshot of your businesses performance and a clear action plan for your business to reach the AS4801 guidelines. 

  • Walk through of your business premises
  • Selected document review
  • Detailed report and action plan in line with AS4801

Timeframe: 1 Day on Site, 7 days off site 

Costing: $2,640.00

An Overview.

c) Desktop

A Desktop Review, like the Standard Audit, uses the AS4801 template to assess your businesses current Safety Performance. A Desktop Review relies heavily upon your key safety personnel providing the information required to complete the review and allow STAR Consultancy to deliver a relevant assessment. 

  • Discussions with key personnel
  • Report outlining key safety requirements

Timeframe: 4 hours on Site, 3 days off site

Costing: $1,320.00

Who, When, Why and How?


Should an incident occur in your workplace it is essential that you conduct a full investigation as soon as possible. Quick action can prevent further incidents from occurring and ensure that you meet your legislative requirements. This process may also highlight deficiencies in your existing safety management system or gaps in your staffs training and/or skill set. STAR Consultancy will attend your workplace the day of the incident and, using the best suited incidents investigation model, provide a detailed report of the root causes to the incident and suggested control measures to implement.

Not quite Sure?

General enquiries

STAR Consultancy can also assist with your general safety enquiries. You can talk with our consultants over the phone or face to face or send your question via email. Visit the contacts section on our site to obtain the details of the most convenient method for you. STAR Consultancy is here to help.