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Indigenous Engagement

Working with Indigenous Australians, especially in Northern Territory and North Queensland, is common place, but not always straight forward. There are a number of particular processes and cultural differences which need to be addressed to be effective in undertaking business with indigenous people and in indigenous communities.

STAR Consultancy offers a range of services to assist businesses build more sustainable and effective working relationships with Indigenous groups and communities.

Business Outback

Working in Indigenous Communities

Delivering goods and services to or in indigenous communities can present a range of difficulties which are not usually faced in everyday business activities. Transportation, lack of readily available resources, communication black spots as well as the cultural and social differences of indigenous communities can make typically simple processes complex and time consuming. Working with STAR Consultancy to ensure you have addressed these issues before engaging with or attempting to conduct business in indigenous communities will reduce downtime on jobs and associated costs.        

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Cultural Awareness Training

Focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, STAR Consultancy’s Cultural Awareness workshops cover the rich history of the traditional owners of our land through to the contemporary issues that they face today. We explore effective methods of communication, strategies to build sustainable working relationships and insights and personal experiences from our trainers and their families. This course will provide staff members who work with indigenous people and/or in indigenous communities the tools needed to be effective and culturally competent.

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Specialist Businesses

STAR Consultancy also works with a range of professional consultants and businesses who work with or in indigenous communities throughout Australia and the Torres Strait, ensuring you will always get the best possible advice and the best possible solution.